Energy Solutions

Thermal Power Plants

- Boilers

Representation of SES TLMACE (Slovak Republic), one of the best Boiler manufacturer in the world with its own design, engineering, manufacturing and numerous experiences all around the world as well as in Turkey.

CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed) Boilers for Lignite Fired Power Plants. Reliable and efficient technology for low caloric lignite  projects (1000 kcal/kg and up). The exclusive CFB Boiler provider in Turkey with the strongest references. Tailor made engineering and procurement. PC (Pulverized Coal) Boilers for Coal Fired Power Plants. Especially suitable for imported coal projects (6000-6500 kcal/kg).

Gas Boilers for Utility or Industrial applications HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) for Combined Cycle Power Plants.

- Steam Turbines

Steam Turbines The representation of SKODA POWER, the leading European  steam turbine manufacturer since 1904 as project basis. Own research and development, superior production and technology and good after sales services. References in 62 countries including Turkey. The products are suitable for:

Fossil Power Plants, Cogeneration Units, Combined Cycle Power Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, Waste and Biomass Incineration Plants.

Capability to manufacture steam turbines up to 1000MW; condensing or back-pressure; with or without steam reheating; controlled steam extraction. Long Term Maintenance Agreements and Retrofit possibilities


Hydro Power Plants

Supply of main electromechanical equipments of Hydro Power Plants such as Turbine and Generator sets of any capacity. The types of turbines include Kaplan, Francis, Pelton, Bulb, Deriaz etc. Representation of highly experienced manufacturers with international references, own research and design facilities. We offer solutions in Turn-Key basis or only equipment supply.


Wind Power Plants

ALYORK represents wind power companies which are extremely successful enterprises in wind power line and have references all over the world. Represented manufacturers are high-tech companies engaged in developing, engineering, manufacturing and marketing of the wind power generation unit. The manufacturers have all kinds of wind power generator ranges in 750KW, 1,5MW, and 2MW. 


• Simple structure, reliable operation

• Direct drive, no gearbox

• Adopting synchronous pm magnet generator, low consumption of generator, high efficiency of

power generation.

• Nacelle can provide positive pressure and filtered air to protect generator and control system from salted wind.

• Full power frequency conversion can provide high quality of power source fed into Electric Network.

• Normal operation life of 20 year

• Low maintenance and low cost

• High adaptability can be used to generate power in land, beach and off-shore

• Maximum wind speed 70 m/s

• Can get into the components in bad weather.

• Low weight, can be installed by normal crane


Solar Energy

ALYORK creates green future with its represented companies. We combine innovative solar power technology with nature's most abundant resource to deliver clean, efficient energy. We are providing you the highest quality solar energy solutions with the global leader in solar modules.



Blast Furnace Gas Top Pressure Recovery Turbine Unit (TRT). TRT is the byproduct utilizing system in the blast furnace metallurgy, which converts the pressure and thermal energy of the gas coming from the top of the blast furnace to mechanical energy to drive generator or any other equipment.

More than one third of the total energy consumed by the blower can be recovered by the TRT unit. TRT is the most economical equipment to produce energy, without pollution since no fuel is consumed and the gas quality is not changed. TRT stabilizes the top pressure of the blast furnace instead of septum valve 



Supplying equipments regarding energy for plants, we, as ALYORK, cooperate with a Czech company named MICo.  We are able to supply;


- Heat Exchangers (shell and tube type – namely water cooled steam condensers, low and high pressure heaters, district water heaters, chemical reactors, etc.)

- Demineralized Water Plants and Condensate Polishing Plants

- Waste Water Treatment Plants

- Air Cooled Steam Condensers

- Steam Boilers up to max. thermal output of 50 MWt 

- auxiliary equipment


and also we are able to provide Refurbishment & Modernisation, After Sales Services and Spare Parts according to requirements of customers.