Iron-Steel Slolutions


ALYORK cooperates with reputable design and manufacturing companies such as BAOSTEEL and ANSTEEL to provide solutions such as;


.Blast Furnace

.Hot Blast Stove 


.Slag Treatment System

.Coke Oven Battery

.Sinter Plant


A great number iron making projects have been realised with the state-of-the-art design and equipment level.



ALYORK cooperates with reputable design and manufacturing companies such as BAOSTEEL and ANSTEEL to provide solutions such as;



.Electric Arc Furnace 

.Ladle Furnace

.Slab Casters 

.Billet Casters 

.Alloy Steel Caster 

.Round Billet Caster


A great number steelmaking projects have been realised with the state-of-the-art design and equipment level.


Rolling Mill

ALYORK cooperates with reputable design and manufacturing companies to provide solutions such as;


Hot Strip Mill

Plate Mill 

Cold Strip Mill 

Section and Bar & Wire Mill 

Tube Mill


A great number rolling mill projects have been realised with the state-of-the-art design and equipment level


Air Seperation


- Seperation

SASPG is committed to attracting, developing and retaining dedicated professionals and partners. Developing new technologies, solving problems with innovation and maintaining a working environment that embraces change, rewards effort and ensures quality.

Throughout SASPG’s 38-year history, the company has never lost sight of the fundamental values on which it was founded. This unwavering commitment to the company’s original vision, values and mission has shaped the company’s corporate culture and provided a basis for its success.

The company places a high value on staff development, the mutual respect of clients, integrity, trust, ethical business practice, creativity and innovation, safety and health, care for the environment and open and forthright communication.


- Air Seperation Plants

Designed and manufactured in sizes - 4L/ hr, 10L/ hr, 20L/ hr, 50Nm3 /hr, 150Nm3/hr, 350Nm3/hr, 1000Nm3/hr, 3350Nm3/hr, 3600Nm3/hr, 6000Nm3/hr, 8000Nm3/hr, 9000Nm3/hr, 10000Nm3/hr, 10500Nm3/hr, 12000Nm3/hr, 14000Nm3/hr, 15000Nm3/hr, 15500Nm3/hr, 16000Nm3/hr, 17000Nm3/hr, 20000Nm3/hr, 25000Nm3/hr, 28000Nm3/hr, 60000Nm3/hr

Air Separation Plants have been co-produced for foreign counterpart in sizes 6000Nm3/hr, 10000Nm3/hr, 15000Nm3/hr, 40000Nm3/hr

The process from switch process to molecular sieve and external compression and then to external compression or internal compression process with molecular sieve purification system, turbo-expander unit, structural packing rectification column and argon production without hydrogen.


- LNG Liquefaction

SASPG have carried out a number of experiments and tests on natural gas (associated gas) liquefaction and cryogenic separation since early 1970s. Through many years of hard work, we have successfully developed a series of natural gas (associated gas) cryogenic separation plants with turbo expander process or throttling expansion process.

These plants have the following features: 

*     Reasonable process design

*     Well-selected corollary equipment

*     High recovery rate of light hydrocarbons

*     Perfect safety and reliability

*     Easy operation and maintenance

*     Remarkable economical results


Main Sizes:

The throughput of natural gas (associated gas) is 50,000, 70,000, 100,000, 150,000, 200,000, 300,000, 500,000, 800,000 and 1200,000Nm3/d, among which the plant with a throughput of 500,000Nm3/d.


- Pressure Swing Adsorption

SASPG has being engaged in test and research of PSA technology for a long time. Our 50 NM3/h PSA oxygen generation system was listed in the “ Technically Development Projects of Sixth Five-year Program” issued by the State Commission of Science and Technology and had passed the ministerial appraisal and its performance reached the highest level in China at that time. 

On the basis of the PSA O2 system we have developed the VPSA O2 system, PSA N2 system and PSA CO2 system . Now we can supply 50~2000NM3/h PSA O2 system (with a purity of 90~93% O2), 20~1, 500NM3/h PSA N2 system) with a purity of 98~99.9995% N2) and 2,000~30,000T/y PSA CO2 system (with a purity meeting the requirement for foodstuff.

- Dissolved Acetylene Plants

The oxyacetylene (O2-C2H2) flame is an important heat source for welding, cutting and preheating. In order to use a clean acetylene gas safely and economically, we have designed and fabricated the dissolved acetylene plant.

The plant efficiently generates acetylene gas by means of sufficient contact between calcium carbide and water. The generated acetylene gas is then purified, compressed and finally charged into steel cylinders which are filled with porous material and solvent (usually acetone). Therefore the acetylene  gas is dissolved in the solvent liquid. The dissolved acetylene will be released when it is used.


Main Sizes:

Dissolved Acetylene Plant :

RYQ-20, RYQ-40 and RYQ-80


Acetylene Plant with Medium-Pressure Gas Pipeline:

GYQ-3x40, GYQ-2x40 and GYQ-2x80